15 Minute Timer

15 Minute Sand Timer for Yoga

I think you’ll agree, yoga is challenging enough without having to constantly watch the clock. As a beginner, I would be forever trying to position myself towards the wall clock in order that I could time my poses.

Needless to say, that made for some rather uncomfortable sessions and more than the odd tumble! Then, I hit upon the idea of a sand-timer. I can place it next to my mat, match its position to mine and then give all of my attention to the yoga itself.

Also, it might sound strange, but there is something very soothing about watching the sand cascade as you hold a pose. Try it once and you won’t look back (or at the clock)!


Materials: Glass and plastic | Size: L 6.6 W 6.6 H 12.4cm | Weight: 113g

A sturdy, brightly coloured little timer with a double protection design.

This timer has an inner glass tube that holds the sand along with a tough outer plastic tube. It also has two covers at either end that are embedded with shock-absorbing foam to prevent breakages.

The fine sand inside is bright and smooth and it is available in a range of colours.

I particularly like the fact that the colour of the sand is matched to the colour of the plastic. The purple sand with the purple tube looks great!

• Double protection design
• Available in a range of colours
• Shock absorbing foam fitted

• Plastic


Materials: Glass and wood | Size: L 8.1 W 8.1 H 14.3cm | Weight: 250g

A hand-blown wooden framed sandglass that is both functional and elegant.

This timer looks great in the studio but is equally striking in your home or office.

It contains vibrant orange sand inside sophisticated, hand-blown glass and sits within a sleek black wooden frame.

Best of all, these lovely looks come at a competitive price I think you will find surprising!

• Elegant
• Hand-blown glass
• Sleek wooden frame

• Could be fragile

ZMYY Sand Timer


Materials: Glass and metal | Size: L 7 W 7 H 13cm | Weight: 212g

Stylish glass and gold painted metal timer that is perfect for the studio.

To me, this timer evokes memories of my yoga holidays in the East.

Standing at 13cm, the glass is elongated and elegant. The frame itself is crafted from highly polished, gold-painted metal.

When it’s not at the studio I display this timer on a kitchen shelf. I’ve lost count of the numbers of compliments I have received from guests!

• Gold and glass look great
• Sturdy and functional
• Great for the home or the studio

• Sand sometimes sticks