Best Mats for Ashtanga Yoga

What Exactly is Ashtanga Yoga?

In the world of yoga there are a number of different styles that are very similar but have some very important differences.

One of these styles, Ashtanga, is a more modern take on classical forms that focuses more on breathing and movement than any of the other styles.

Ashtanga is one of the more impressive forms of yoga as it focuses on power and pushing one’s self, ensuring that practitioners are able to quickly move through forms and build lean muscle as they go.

Ashtanga is often referred to as the mother of Power Yoga, another style that is good for the more athletically focused.

Best Mats for Ashtanga Yoga in Ireland

The term ‘ashtanga’ literally translates to ‘eight limbs’.

It is a discipline that focusses very heavily on breathing, the aim being top synchronise your breathing pattern with a progressive series of postures.

The end result is a supple but strong body aligned with a calm mind and improved circulation.

Ashatanga requires a demanding series of postures and is certainly not for the beginner.

It is an intensive form of yoga and, as such, requires a durable and slip resistant mat.

Many prefer a thinner mat for this discipline as being as close to the floor as possible keeps one grounded during the session.


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Size 183 x 60 x 0.6cm | Weight 970g

This TPE mat has a double layered structure that provides optimal grip and is non-slip on most surfaces including wood, tile and cement.

It has a middle stripe to help you with your alignment and has a closed-cell structure which is anti-bacterial and prevents sweat absorbing into the mat.

It is light-weight, easy to carry and comes with a 12 month warranty.

• Non-slip
• Anti-bacterial
• Alignment lines

• Limited cushioning


PIDO Light-weight Mat

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Size 183 x 60 x 0.6cm | Weight 800g

This is a professional TPE mat that has a windmill pattern on the back which secures the mat firmly to the ground when in use.

It is perfect for all levels of experience, from beginner to a long-term yoga enthusiast. It is tear resistant, easy to clean and gives great support to your joints.

It is waterproof and comes with a carry strap.

• Stays firmly in place during use
• Waterproof
• Great for all levels of student

• Quite stiff and difficult to roll up


KSAR Sports Yoga Mat

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Size 173 x 61 x 0.6cm | Weight 780g

This striking pink mat is made from high density PVC foam which is designed to cushion your knees and elbow joints during the class.

It is incredibly lightweight which is great for transport and storage and comes with a carry pouch and shoulder strap.

Although the surface is non-slip, it can move a little when in use so probably better for the more experienced student that is confident in their postures.

• Lightweight
• Great cushioning
• Stinking colours

• Tends to move during the class

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