Best Mats for Kundalini Yoga

What Is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini yoga originates from the Vedantic culture.

In simple terms, kundalini is spiritual energy.

The practise takes place in the form of regular breathing and meditation, which aims to relieve your spirit from Karma.

It is also perceived to enlighten you of your purpose on earth.

The body bows down to these practices as the mind and nervous system respond rapidly to the energy.

There are also some selective physical postures involved to work up the spine. Kundalini yoga exposes the body to a whole new experience of maturity.

This is a class that is designed to balance the spiritual and the physical using sound, mantra and meditation alongside challenging postures.

Kundalini attempts to release the energy that is trapped in the lower spine in order to create positive shifts in not only your physical health, but also your mental well-being.

This is a meditation driven class with time between postures to relax and focus inwards.

As such, as thicker, comfortable mat would be perfect.

You should also consider that some of the poses can be quite ambitious so a larger mat might also be a good idea.

Liforme Yoga Mat

Size 180 x 66x 0.3mm | Weight 1.2g

This is a sweat absorbent, lightweight mat made from natural suede and natural rubber.

It has as series of guiding lines that help direct your hands and feet into the various postures that Kundalini demands.

The soft suede surface is not only non-slip but also provides comfortable support for meditation.

It is machine washable and perfect for travel – folding down into small and compact size that will fit easily into your luggage.

• Comfortable suede
• Great for travel
• Alignment design

LONTG Yoga Mat

Size 183 x 63 x 0.2cm | Weight 440g

This beautifully patterned mat is made from superfine fibres that provide a certain amount of cushioning and are also very absorbent.

It has a textured, non-slip surface that helps you hold your positions without fear of siding.

It is very easy to fold up and carry with you and is also incredibly easy to clean – it simply requires a gentle wipe down from a wet sponge.

Whilst is does not provide the most robust protection for your limbs, this is a very comfortable mat upon which to meditate.

• Comfortable
• Easy to clean
• Beautiful pattern

• Very thin

Still Cool Fitness Mat

Size 183 x 61 x 0.6cm | Weight 1.1g

This is a high density TPE, tear-resistant mat that provides the dual functions of moulded support and effective rebound for your workout whilst also being soft enough to encourage meditation and mindfulness between postures.

Both sides of the mat are waterproof and anti-slip and it also comes with a handy carry strap making it very portable.

• Anti-slip
• Comfortable
• Comes with a carry strap


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