Best Pilates Reformers

Best Pilates Reformers for Home Use

Using a Pilates reformer is the best way to ensure full muscle engagement especially when it comes to building up core strength.

A Pilates reformer can not only help with practising Pilates movements but can also provide beneficial support when recovering from injury too and improving your posture.

Here are the best four Pilates reformers.

1. STOTT Pilates Merrithew At Home SPX Reformer Bundle

Top Complete Pilates Home Machine KitColour: Silver, Black, Wood | Size: 245.11 x 66.04 x 25.4 cm | Weight: 52.16kg

  • Includes DVD and poster
  • Spring resistance to build strength
  • All kit included in one bundle

This Pilates reformer comes with all the kit you need in order to enjoy a full Pilates workout at home.

The bundle includes double loop straps, foot straps and a padded platform extender as well.

This kit also comes with a DVD and poster to walk you through exactly how to use the reformer and make the most of the possible 250 moves this machine facilitates.

The spring resistance mechanism makes this reformer ideal for building core strength and effectively stretching muscles.

2. Bodi Tek AeroPilates Pilates Reformer

Top Sleek and Simple Pilates Reformer ModelColour: Black, Pink | Size: Not Specified | Weight: 29kg

  • Sleek and slimline design
  • Excellent for core strength
  • Balanced platform to avoid injury

This Pilates reformer comes in a sleek and slimline black and pink design that would fit perfectly in smaller spaces.

This ergonomically designed Pilates reformer is excellent for improving core strength whilst the balanced platform helps to avoid injury when stretching too.

This Pilates reformer will also help you to correct any imbalances in the body so you can also enjoy better posture as well as an improved sense of overall wellbeing.

3. Pilates Pro Exercise Chair/Bench

Best Pilates Chair Model Choice

Colour: Black | Size: 71.12 x 83.82 x 19.05 cm | Weight: 17.46kg

  • Low impact Pilates workout
  • Spring resistance to improve core strength
  • Split pedal system for full-body workout

This Pilates chair is an excellent alternative to a larger Pilates reformer machine and provides the perfect opportunity to easily practise all your low impact Pilates workout poses and stretches.

The spring resistance helps you to improve your core muscle strength whilst the spilt pedal system means that you can exercise different muscle groups simultaneously to enjoy a full-body workout and notice results faster when it comes to your health and fitness goals.

4. Pula Arc Massage Bed Spine Aligner

Best for Posture Improvement

Colour: Grey | Size: 39 x 68 x 29 x 15cm | Weight: Not Specified

  • Multi use Pilates exercise tool
  • S shape for better posture support
  • Improves core strength

This Pilates tool can be used for both resistance and core strengthening exercises as well as for added lumbar support too thanks to its innovative S shape design.

This Pilates tool works by restoring the correct curve of the spine, so whether you are looking to exercise your arms, legs or torso, this tool will be able to provide the targeted support required.

This Pilates tool can also be used as a support to alleviate back pain and is perfect for injury recovery and lumbar support at any time.

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