Best Pilates Rings

Pilates Rings for Core Work

Nowadays, my Pilates ring comes with me to every class. It’s a nifty little accessory that provides added resistance when I perform certain exercises.

Some of my friends in the class looked a little askance when I told them that I was hoping that it would make my workout more challenging but the results spoke for themselves.

Now, everyone in the class has got one of their own! They can be used during the warm-up as well as later in the session for help with posture and core strength. Let’s see if we can introduce you into the ‘magic circle’:

VANUODA Fitness Ring

Size: 30cm | Weight 280g

A lightweight and portable Pilates ring that you can take with you anywhere.

This ring has helpful dual padded grips for easy grasp. The pads are made from strong EVA foam that is not only ultra-comfortable but also hardwearing and sweat-resistant.

The inner circle is made from high-elasticity glass fibre which is engineered to maintain resistance over long periods of exercise.

It is a great ring for a thigh workout or, if you prefer, you can hold it out in front of you and press the pads inwards for a great chest and arm session.

• Dual EVA pads
• Lightweight
• Great resistance

• A bit stiff


Size: 37cm | Weight 200g

A larger, dual grip ring that is great for toning and strengthening arms and legs.

This ring is the perfect product if you are looking to target specific muscle groups.

It is very particularly effective when working on core abdominals. It is also great for developing back and spine strength.

It has foam outer handles for added comfort and is constructed from reinforced premium fibreglass.

It is a tough, no-nonsense ring that is built to last and will withstand the most strenuous of workouts.

• Comfortable dual pads
• Great for targeting particular muscle groups
• Tough and robust engineering

• Quite bulky


Size: 38cm Weight 299g

A colourful and easy to use fitness ring that will help you shape a beautiful figure.

This ring has a reinforced plastic core that will withstand high-intensity training, popping back into shape every time.

It is available in black, blue or pink and is a striking looking addition to your kit.

It has two comfortable foam pads that perfectly fit your palms and I loved the fact the pads retained their firm grip even when damp.

• Grippy pads
• Highly elastic and durable
• Great colours

• A little too bendy

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