Best Yoga Chairs

Best Yoga Chairs for Assisted Poses & Stretches

A yoga chair is designed to help you move freely whilst posing and is the perfect support to use when doing backbends and twists.

Yoga chairs need to be strong with a high back and space for users to stretch their legs underneath if required.

Here are the best five yoga chairs.

1. Yoga Mad YCHAIRT

Top Choice for Viparita Karani Yoga Poses

Colour: Silver | Size: 100.8 x 51.6 x 7cm | Material: Steel | Weight: 5g

  • Supports twists and bends
  • Reinforced steel
  • Raised leg design for better motion

This yoga chair is the ideal companion to use during Viparita Karani yoga as well as many other kinds of poses too.

The open back makes it easy to support yourself during bends and twists and the strong steel frame is durable and tough.

The raised leg cross design makes it easy to stretch your legs out underneath the chair too for better pose extension.


Lightweight and Foldable Choice

Colour: Silver | Size: 50 x 48 x 80 cm | Material: Steel | Weight: 4kg

  • No front bar
  • Durable material
  • Easy to store

This yoga chair from TARA YOGAPROPS is designed without a front bar giving you a full range of motion as you stretch and pose.

The durable steel material is strong enough to support you and as this design is lightweight and foldable, it is also easy to store away too when not in use.

3. Thick Iyengar Yoga Chair

Best Cushioned Choice for Added Support

Colour: Black | Size: 40 x 80 x 47cm | Material: Not Specified | Weight: Not Specified

  • Cushioned seat
  • Foldable design
  • Improves circulation

This Thick Iyengar yoga chair has a cushioned seat so not only can this chair help to support you as you stretch, but you can also easily practise your upside-down poses on it too.

By doing so, this yoga chair can also assist in improved circulation and blood flow as well as greater flexibility.

This sleek black design is easy to fold away and store too.

4. Mitdh Yoga Chair

Top Extendable Lumbar Support Yoga Chair Choice

Colour: Beige | Size: 100 x 47cm | Material: Not Specified | Weight: Not Specified

  • Removable lumbar support
  • Non-slip fabric
  • Sweat-resistant

This yoga chair from Mitdh comes with a removable lumbar support, so you can effortlessly practise all your yoga movements and poses with plenty of room to stretch out whilst still being supported.

The fabric of the chair is designed to be non slip and it is also sweat resistant too making it easier to keep your balance and remain stable.

5. Yogamatters Chair

Top Selling No Front Bar Design

Colour: Silver | Size: (104cm x 50cm x 6.3cm | Material: Not Specified | Weight: Not Specified

  • No front bar for greater movement
  • Non-marking feet to protect floors
  • Back bender attachment optional

This Yogamatters yoga chair is one of the top-selling designs in its category and it is easy to see why.

With no front bar to get in the way, this yoga chair effortlessly supports all kinds of twists, turns and poses.

The non-marking feet help to protect floors and keep the chair stable, and there are two holes at the front of the chair where you can attach a back bender if you wish.

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