Best Blue Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are usually made from eco-friendly materials and are designed to give a supportive surface during yoga poses.

Blue yoga mats give a relaxing and serene surface to use when undertaking yoga and can also be beneficial to use when undertaking meditation practices as well.

Here are the best blue yoga mats to choose from.

1. KEPLIN Yoga Mat

Top Slip Resistant Blue Yoga Mat

Dimensions: 64 x 15 x 15 cm | Design: Navy and Light Blue | Mat Material: Foam | Thickness: 5mm

  • Strong slim resistant surface
  • Dotted base grip
  • Dual blue colour

This blue yoga mat from KEPLIN comes in an attractive navy and light blue design and features a strong slim resistant top surface with a dotted base grip for total balance and stability during yoga.

This yoga mat is also very lightweight too and easy to wipe clean after you have finished your yoga exercises too.

2. Proworks Yoga Mat

Great Long-Lasting Blue Foam Mat

Dimensions: 183cm x 60cm x 1cm | Design: Purist Blue | Mat Material: NBR Foam | Thickness: 1cm

  • Grooved anti-slip base
  • Indoor and outdoor suitable
  • Extra cushioned foam

The Proworks purist blue yoga mat has an anti-slip grooved base that can keep you stable whether you are choosing to exercise indoor or outdoor as it is also waterproof too.

The extra-thick cushioned NBR foam makes this mat extremely comfortable to use as well.

3. TOPLUS Store Blue Yoga Mat

Best Traditional Blue Mandala Design

Dimensions: 183 x 61 x 0.6CM | Design: Dark Blue Mandala | Mat Material: TPE | Thickness: 6mm

  • Serene blue Mandala design
  • Non-slip on all floors
  • 12-month warranty

This beautiful and serene blue yoga mat from the TOPLUS store comes with an interesting Mandala design and has a non-slip base that can grip firmly to all types of floors.

This yoga mat is made from environmentally friendly TPE material and has a 12-month warranty too as an added bonus for customer peace of mind.

4. Yoga Mat Non-Slip Pilates Mat with Alignment Lines

Best Blue Design with Alignment Feature

Dimensions: 72″x 24″ | Design: Blue | Mat Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer | Thickness: 1/4″

  • Alignment design
  • Odour free non-toxic material
  • Mesh bag included

This blue yoga mat includes alignment lines to make it easier than ever to hold your poses correctly.

The non-toxic thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material is both non-toxic and will not hold odours either.

This yoga mat has a mesh carrying bag included to making it easy to roll up and transport as well.

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5. Home Flair Yoga Mat

Ideal at Home Blue Yoga Mat ChoiceDimensions: 70″ x 24″ x 0.16″ | Design: Blue | Mat Material: EVA | Thickness: 4mm

  • Thin high-quality mat
  • Moisture-proof EVA material
  • Perfect for home use

The Home Flair yoga mat comes in a cool blue colour and is made from moisture-proof and high-quality EVA material that will not hold odours and is also non-toxic.

This slim mat is 4mm thick and is ideal for home use if you are just starting out in yoga.