Eko Superlite Yoga Mats

Eko Superlight Yoga Mats Ireland

Manduka is the leader of the yoga mat industry, but the quality and size of its products often translates into a heavy weight.

The Eko Superlite is the brand’s solution to that problem. Grip usually always requires heavy materials, but the Superlite manages to achieve a slip-free mat that’s extraordinarily light.

It’s built from natural rubber, which is one of the grippiest materials on the market. It’s also relatively heavy, though, so Manduka has reduced its width in exchange for portability.

This is not the most cushioned product in the industry, but it’s relatively dense. It weighs in at an impressive two pounds and is slim enough to fold into a laptop bag.

There are two Eko products in the line, and both are almost completely latex free. They’re slim enough to be thrown in the washing machine.

Mat hygiene doesn’t get easier than that. Eko products offer excellent comfort and stability. Think of them as all-rounders, though. They’re all-purpose products intended to satisfy a wide range of requirements.

Eko Superlite

The Eko Superlite’s materials are biodegradable and have been sourced outside the Amazon.

Manduka even has an eco-friendly policy for disposing of its post-industrial scrap. All offcuts are gathered and used to produce other products.

That allows for a zero-waste system, so you can safely use your Eko Superlite with a clear conscience.


  • The closed cell surface prevents perspiration and bacteria from wicking through the mat’s surface, so it needs little more than a wipe down.
  • To add to rubber’s excellent slip-resistance, designers have developed an orange peel texture.
  • Designed to maintain its grip in wet conditions.


  • The Superlight is one of Manduka’s most affordable products, but if you’re looking for a slightly thicker mat, you’ll need to upgrade to the Eko, which has a three to five millimetre cushion.

Manduka Eko

Polyurethane mats achieve better dry traction than rubber, but the Eko line has gone to great pains to produce a natural, biodegradable product.

Like the Superlite, the Eko is made from natural, non-Amazon rubber. It’s a standard 71 by 26 inches but if you need a little more length, there’s also a 79-inch alternative. As you’d expect from Manduka, the Eko is robust and resistant to wear. The upper layer has a sealed cell design to render it impermeable.

All it needs is a 30-second wipe down with apple cider vinegar after each session. While it does absorb some moisture, it performs relatively well in hot sessions.

It can’t compete with mats that are designed expressly for wet sessions, but it makes a respectable attempt. There’s a good reason for Yogibare’s excellent review profile. This is a brand that means business.

When it decides on a feature, it commits 100%.


  • Lightweight rubber construction folds easily into a small tote or travel bag.
  • A waste-free manufacturing process is as kind to the earth as it is to your body.
  • Offers excellent grip in dry yoga sessions.


  • This is a slim design that offers very little cushioning.

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