Gaiam Yoga Mats

Gaiam Yoga Mats

Gaiam is one of the most beloved brands on the market, partly because of the sheer breadth of its product line.

Its mats are generally designed for entry-level yogis. They’re economical and offer plenty of cushioning.

Most of the line is made from PVC or foam, which are affordable to produce and lasting enough to tide you over until you invest in a lifetime product.

Gaiam also produces some of the most beautiful mats on the market. You’ll see soft hues, gentle floral patterns, and a wide range of features to suit your preferences. Gaiam does make a few high-grip performance mats including cork and dual-textured options.

If you’re starting yoga classes and aren’t yet sure if you’ll turn them into a lifetime pursuit, Gaiam gives you all the practical features you could possibly need in a dry mat.

The Gaiam Sol Dry Grip mat

The Sol is made to keep its grip in hot yoga sessions. It’s constructed from PVC and has a closed cell layer that wicks perspiration away from the surface.

You can choose a standard size or the larger 78 by 26 inch version. PVC does degrade with time, so this isn’t a mat that you’ll be carrying around in the next decade.

It’s recommended as a temporary mat for beginners.


  • Offers a comfy 5mm thickness.
  • Dry grip surface is designed to support you during hot yoga.
  • Keeps you stable to reduce the risk of hurting your joints.


  • This isn’t a lifetime investment. It will develop wear and tear quickly.

Gaiam Jute Mat

The jute mat is another starter product, and it achieves an unusual texture.

Before it’s been worn in, jute can feel a little prickly and harsh on the skin, but it will soften and condition with use. That texture translates into an incredible grip on both sides.


  • Foam adds to its cushioning. It has an excellent support factor and maintains its firmness well.
  • This is a lightweight, portable product that weighs in at just over four pounds.
  • Designed by yogis, for yogis.


  • Gaiam’s jute mat isn’t built to last. It’s on the small size at 68 by 24 inches, with a standard 5 millimetre width.

Gaiam’s athletic mat

This series fills a gap in the market that few brands have bothered to fill. It’s a no-nonsense mat constructed for extra width and length, so you shouldn’t find yourself shifting over the edges.

It’s super light at a meagre 3 pounds. This is a low-maintenance product, but it’s prone to stickiness. It’s unlikely to tolerate hot yoga sessions without an extra layer and is not the grippiest mat on the market.

Nevertheless, as an entry-level brand, it fills its duties just right.



  • These mats are priced just right for budget-conscious beginners.
  • They’re some of the most stylish products on the market.
  • Made from natural, eco-friendly materials.


  • Designed as a starter product for beginners. This product doesn’t offer premium features or the most expensive materials.

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