Best Mats for Hatha Yoga

The Definition Of Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga could mean many things. Generally speaking, the term Hatha is commonly used to refer to “movement,” so an asana class is also a Hatha class.

In most cases, many group yoga classes may be categorised as hatha yoga.

In fact, there is a subset of various classes clearly labelled hatha — it is characterised by a major focus on gentle asana with no flow between poses.

Furthermore, hatha is ever adaptable to every teacher’s style and every student’s requirements. As a result, it can be quite difficult to generalise about.

However, literally, Hatha means “force” and is traditionally described as “the yoga of force”. So hatha yoga may be considered as anything you may do with the body.

Best Mats for Hatha Yoga Ireland

If you are brand new to yoga, Hatha yoga is a great is a great, entry level point into studio. Hatha yoga classes are perfect for beginners as they are usually slower-paced than other styles.

A Hatha yoga class will usually involve a series of physical postures – or ‘yoga poses’ – in addition to slow, concentrated breathing techniques. If you are taking your first steps into the world of yoga then Hatha yoga would certainly be for you.

This particular discipline calls for a textured, slightly thicker mat with a bit more padding. These mats will help you hold your poses whilst providing a bit of extra comfort is you start to get used to the unfamiliar positions.

Jestilo Yoga Mat


Size 183 x 61 x 1cm | Weight 780g

This navy blue mat is made from NBR – a synthetic rubber often found on thicker yoga mats.

These thicker mats are particularly suitable for people with sensitive or injured joints.

The cushioned 1cm thick foam will ensure a comfortable workout whilst being robust enough to last for years.

It is lightweight and portable, comes with a double strap carry bag and very easy to clean. Simply wipe the mat down with a small amount of soap and water after use and it is ready to be packed away.

• Comfortable NPR material
• Durable
• Easy to clean

• Quite bulky when rolled up




Size 183 x 61 x 0.6cm | Weight 750g

Whilst not quite as thick, this mat is made from TPE – an eco-friendly recyclable rubber that provides a remarkably soft user experience.

It comes in a variety of attractive colours and is tear resistant, its impressive durability meaning that it can withstand intensive exercise.

It is non-slip and has a special laser engraved texture on both sides ensuring superior grip and stability.

• Available in wide-ranging colours
• Soft TPE rubber
• Non-slip texture

• Quite thin for beginners


MAXIMO Exercise Mat

Size 183 x 60 x 1.2cm | Weight 780g

Made from thick NPR rubber, at 1.2cm this is the thickest mat of the three. So thick, in fact, that the manufacturer even suggests that it can be used to sleep on when camping!

This mat is perfect for basic, beginners yoga, being tough enough to support various postures but comfortable enough to provide protection if you take a tumble.

• Very thick
• Carry strap included
• Moisture resistant

• Not great for high-intensity training – can stretch under intense use.


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