Home Workout Mats

Best Home Gym Mats

Let’s face it – when you’re working out in your home gym you have two choices: Do you want to stretch, pound, leap and lift on the hard floor or, would you prefer the comfort and safety of a workout mat?

There is little point investing the time and money in a top-end home gym if you are only going to come away aching and bruised at the end of a session! A good quality mat can really add an extra dimension and inspire you to push yourself that little bit harder.

No pain – just gain (as the saying nearly goes!) Let’s unroll a few options:


Size: 183 x 61 x 4cm | Weight: 3.65kg

A tough, heavy and hard-wearing mat made from high-density foam. This mat has a great four-fold design that makes it easier to store than some of its rivals.

It also has robust carry handles for easy transportation.

It is ideal for a wide range of workouts, from wrestling to toning and is covered in PU leather which is waterproof and easy to clean.

• Thick, high-density foam
• Waterproof
• Carry handles

• Bulky


Size: 183 x 6 x 1cm | Weight: 1kg

A lightweight, non-slip mat that is comfortable and built to last.

This is a great looking mat made from cushioned NBR foam and available in eight different colours.

It is easy to roll out and does not suffer from the edges curling back up – like so many of its rivals!

It is a durable, anti-tear mat that can be easily stored and, best of all, very reasonably priced.

• Anti-tear
• Sits flush on the floor
• Comfortable

• A bit slippy


Size: 183 x 122 x 0.6cm | Weight: 1.9kg

A huge mat that allows you to exercise without restriction. If you have a little extra room in your home gym then this could well be the mat for you.

It has a two-toned textured slip-free design that enables you to perform with confidence. The wavy underside stops the mat from sliding on the floor and the laser engraved surface prevents your hands and feet slipping.

Included with the mat are two mat straps, a microfiber towel and a mat bag.

• Large surface area
• Lots of accessories
• Non-slip bottom and surface

• Very big!