Best Iyengar Yoga Mats

Iyengar Yoga: What Exactly Is It?

Iyengar yoga is named after B.K.S. Iyengar. The three core aspects that this type of yoga focuses on is timing, alignment and sequencing. Those who want to teach Iyengar yoga has to train for a period of three years before they achieve their certificate.

Iyengar focuses on the body’s alignment. An Iyengar class is different from most other styles due to its use of props.

Rather than being in a continual flow, the student holds poses for longer periods of time, their balance often being assisted by these props.

These balancing aids help the class focus purely on their form and to remember the specifics of the poses.

Best Mats for Iyengar Yoga

This style is often recommended for people with injuries who need to work slowly.

The fact that the props can sometimes be a little cumbersome – combined with the length of some poses – means that a thick, oversize mat is perfect for Iyengar.

CAMBIVO Large – click to view

Size 183 x 122 x 0.6cm | Weight 1.81kg

This mat is marketed as ‘fitness without restriction’ and, when you unroll it, you will certainly see what they mean.

A huge surface area allows for an enormous amount of variation in your postures – perfect for the beginner getting to grips with the discipline.

The anti-slip surface is great for confidence and the laser engraved topper is very helpful when it comes to holding poses.

As long as the studio has the space, this is a great product!

• Spacious
• Great for pose holding
• Anti-slip

• Very big

UMI by AMAZON Extra Large

click to view

Size 18 x 800 x 0.6cm | Weight 780g

Whilst not being quite the size of the CAMBIVO, this mat still offers a little extra space for your Iyengar poses.

The flower patterned top layer is very comfortable and remains anti-slip, even when sweaty.

It is made with a unique anti-tear mesh which offers impressive durability and the high density TPE material provides 30% more cushioning to your joints than regular mats.

A great mat for any level of yoga.

• Very durable
• Anti-slip surface
• Well-cushioned

• A bity bulky due to its size


click to view

Size 183 x 66 x 0.5cm | Weight 3.4g

This large, professional mat is available in a range of dark greens, blues and blacks.

It features a non-slip surface that provides excellent friction and is very easy to clean needing only to be wiped down with a wet towel and then air-dried.

This mat has a series of alignment lines which are perfect for the postures that one needs to follow when learning Iyengar yoga.

• Extra large
• Helpful alignment line system
• Easy to clean

• Heavy

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