Jute Yoga Mats Ireland

Best Jute Natural Rubber Yoga Mats

A jute yoga mat is made from natural fabrics and is naturally sweat absorbent and effectively grips the floor during yoga practise.

Jute yoga mats also provide an aesthetically pleasing yoga experience as well.

Here are the best jute yoga mats.

1. Sundried Large Non-Slip Thick Jute Eco Yoga Mat With Strap

Easy to Take On the Move Jute Yoga Mat

Dimensions: 61cm x 184xm | Design: Blue | Mat Material: Jute Fibre | Thickness: 6mm

  • Natural jute fibre
  • Yoga guide included
  • Thick padded base

This jute eco yoga mat is easy to take on the move with you thanks to its included strap and is made from natural jute fibre in an eye-catching blue colour design.

This yoga mat also has a thick padded non-slip base and comes with a free downloadable yoga guide included as well.

2. Yoke Wellness Vegan Yoga Mat

Top Vegan Yoga Mat Choice

Dimensions: 183.5 x 61cm | Design: Purple Wildflower | Mat Material: Organic Jute Fibres | Thickness: 5mm

  • Eco-friendly vegan fabric
  • Flower inspired
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable

The Yoke Wellness yoga mat is made from organic jute fibres and is designed to mimic wildflowers in a meadow to relax the senses.

This yoga mat is not only completely vegan friendly, but it is also the perfect choice for those looking for a non-toxic and biodegradable yoga mat too.

This yoga mat is the perfect choice for those who are following a vegan lifestyle.

3. Gaiam Yoga Mat

Superior Thickness for Better Support

Dimensions: 24 x 4.7 x 4.7 cm | Design: Blue | Mat Material: Jute and PER | Thickness: 5mm

  • Dense cushioning to protect joints
  • Durable natural fabric
  • Latex-free and silicone-free

The Gaiam all-natural yoga mat comes with dense cushioning at the base in order to protect your joints as you balance and pose.

This yoga mat is designed to naturally last the test of time and is completely non-toxic, latex-free, and silicone-free too.

4. Maomao’home Jute Yoga Mat for Women

Top Jute Yoga for Women

Dimensions: 72″ x 24″ x 1/5″ | Design: Blue | Mat Material: Jute and PER | Thickness: 5mm

  • Anti-slip top and bottom fabric
  • Comfortable yoga experience
  • Non-toxic and odourless

This jute yoga mat for women provides a more comfortable yoga experience thanks to its extra cushioned base and this mat has also bee treated to be anti-slip both on the top and bottom for better grip and balance.

The natural jute fabric is also non-toxic and odourless.

5. Maji Sports Jute Yoga Mat

Best Textured Surface and Lightweight Jute Yoga Mat

Dimensions: 61 x 12.7 x 12.7 cm | Design: Orange | Mat Material: Natural Jute | Thickness: Not Specified

  • Durable textured surface
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Eco-friendly natural jute

This jute yoga mat from Maji Sports has a charming orange patterned durable textured surface and is really lightweight and easy to carry with you.

Made from eco-friendly natural jute, this mat also comes in a range of stunning other colours too.

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