Liforme Yoga Mats

Liforme Yoga Mats Ireland

The Liforme product line is one of the leading yoga mat ranges and is made from sustainable polyurethane and natural rubber. These materials lack toxic components and adhesives.

In keeping with their pro-planet strategy, the brand uses recyclable packaging, but their benefits go far beyond mere eco-friendliness.

Their mats are wider and longer than traditional products, with etched-in markers to guide your poses.

These measurements will improve your discipline, maximise your health benefits, and reduce your injury risk.

Liforme Yoga Mat (Standard)

Liforme yoga mat is constructed from natural rubber and has an alignment system to support your poses.

Its surface is naturally non-slip and slow to wear down, but in time, its texture will become smoother.

This erosion should occur more slowly than faux rubber products.


  • Natural rubber is naturally non-slip.
  • The absence of toxic fumes will be obvious when you first unbox your product. This is a mat that won’t irritate your lungs and sinuses.
  • The famous alignment system has a range of markers that represent a wide array of poses, including left to right and front to back guidelines.


  • All of its products are biodegradable within one to five years, so it can be expensive to be a brand loyalist.

Liforme Evolve

The Evolve alignment system has enough adaptability to let you find the most comfortable positions for your body.

You can adjust by using the markers from the edges of your fingers or your inner wrist. You can even place three mats next to each other to guide more expansive poses.


  • The felt in the centre provides support and softness.
  • The simple alignment system will keep you centered in the downward dog asana.
  • Grippy enough for sweaty yogis.


  • Degrades from one to five years after manufacture.

Liforme Travel Mat

Each Liforme travel mat has three layers: the rubber in the base layer keeps your mat from slipping.

The polyurethane top layer provides a nonporous surface that resists mildew, fungus, and mold growth.

These three layers are generously-cut to offer excellent cushioning, so a topper shouldn’t be necessary.


  • The rubber content is particularly valuable if you practice in a heated environment. Natural rubber has excellent grip in humid conditions and will allow moisture to evaporate quickly.
  • Shipped in a convenient travel bag that’s sure to become a part of your daily routine.
  • Designed by yogis, with all the design traits you’d expect from an expert.


  • Weighs 1.6 kgs

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