Long Mats

Best Long Yoga Mats

When choosing to practise yoga, it is a good idea to have a long yoga mat option in order to make the most of your extensions and stretches.

Long yoga mats are also essential for those who are taller and will need more space to move during yoga exercises too.

Here are some of the best long yoga mats –

1. UMI. by Amazon – Pilates Mat Exercise Yoga Mat

Top Extreme Comfort Long Yoga Mat

Dimensions: 183 x 66 x 1cm | Design: Purple | Mat Material: NBR | Thickness: 10mm

  • 10mm extra thickness
  • Superior length and width
  • 100% money-back guarantee

This UMI by Amazon long yoga mat comes with 10mm extra thickness for added support and comfort and is longer and wider than many of its other competitor styles.

This yoga mat also comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a money-back policy if you are not completely satisfied.

2. Yogi Bare Paws X

Great Tall Choice Yoga Mat

Dimensions: 68.58 x 11.43 x 11.43 cm | Design: Black | Mat Material: Rubber | Thickness: 4mm

  • 2-meter long length
  • Extra-wide dimension
  • High quality muted design

This yoga mat from Yogi Bare Paws is the ideal choice for those who are taller as it measures 2 meters in length and comes with an extra-wide dimension too.

Made from high-quality natural rubber, the muted black design is simple and chic too.

3. Gruper Thick Yoga Mat

Top Easy to Carry Longer Yoga Mat

Dimensions: 82.8 x 22.6 x 19 cm | Design: Black | Mat Material: Not Specified | Thickness: 10/15mm

  • Two thicknesses to choose from
  • Carry strap option
  • Anti-slip design

This Gruper yoga mat is not just longer and wider than most, it also has two super thick options to choose from too, either 10mm or 15mm.

The carry strap option makes this yoga mat convenient and easy to carry around and store and the anti-slip design makes this yoga mat a safer choice too.

4. Extra Long Ruth White Yoga Mat

Best Super Soft Long Yoga Mat

Dimensions: 220cm x 60cm x 4.5mm | Design: Blue | Mat Material: 79% Cotton, 21% PES | Thickness: 4.5mm

  • Extra soft material
  • Machine washable
  • Added length

This extra long toga made from Ruth White is made from soft cotton and PES which is easy to keep clean as it is suitable for machine washing.

The added length makes this yoga mat the ideal choice for extension during poses and provides a soft cushioned feel too.

5. Ampio Extra Long Yoga Mat

Great Toxin-Free Long Yoga Mat

Dimensions: 240cm x 80cm x 4.5mm | Design: Midnight Blue | Mat Material: PVC | Thickness: 4.5mm

  • Extra-wide and long mat
  • Variety of colours
  • Non-toxic PVC

This Ampio Yoga Mat is both extra wide and extra long and comes in a variety of colour options to choose from.

The no toxic PVC material is both anti-slip and easy to wash, making this yoga mat a hygienically clean option too.

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