Manduka Yoga Mats

Manduka Yoga Mats Ireland

Manduka has developed a reputation as the leader of the yoga mat industry.

It’s been at the top of the market for decades, largely because its owner is a dedicated yogi. He designed his products according to the wisdom of his finest teachers.

Designed for serious yogis by a serious yogi with your lifestyle in mind.

When your mat is created for serious yogis by a serious yogi, you can be sure that it will fit your needs. The brand’s signature mat carries a lifetime guarantee.

Manduka PRO

These mats come at a heavy price, but that’s because they’re built to last a lifetime.

Their guarantee assures you of it. They function quite differently to other mats, though, so it’s advisable to get to know their maintenance needs.

These are not the kind of mats that you can use the instant you unbox them. They have a thin protective coating, so they need to be broken in. For that reason, they only suit serious users.


  • Few products provide better wet-grip than the PRO, which has a sealed-cell surface to achieve a sticky effect.
  • If you’re an eco-warrior, there are few better products.
  • Has a thick, cushioned surface of 6mm.


  • If you’re a casual yogi, you might find it too slippery for your needs.

Manduka Prolite

If you have your heart set on a sustainable, portable mat, the Prolite is sustainably engineered and built to decrease traction when wet.

It’s easy to roll up and carry over your shoulder.

Manduka’s mats are made from dense, eco-certified PVC, which doesn’t degrade with the passing of the years.

They have a thin protective layer that needs to be worn off. They’re slippery until they’ve received a little love.


  • The Prolite is carefully designed to offer excellent durability. Expect to be using it many years into the future.
  • Extremely dense with a high-performance surface.
  • Built to travel.


  • Could use extra cushioning.

Manduka Superlite

Manduka has a wide product line with a mat for every preference. If you lead a mobile lifestyle, the Superlite is feather-light, but slim, alternative. It has good slip-resistance and is a thin 1.5 mm thick.

Even so, it’s made it to the top of many review sites for its backpacker-friendly design. You can throw it into a bag without adding to your luggage weight.

Unlike most travel mats, it’s a full-sized product that fits into a backpack. It’s so travel-friendly you can even fold it into your laptop bag.


  • They say yogis shouldn’t go anywhere without their mats, and Manduka has finally made that possible.
  • Don’t let its width make you think this is a short-lived product. It’s slip resistant, biodegradable, and far more affordable than the product line’s signature mats.
  • Non-slip but not prone to stickiness.


  • Lacks indicator lines.

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