Best Mats for Power Yoga

What Really Is Power Yoga?

Power yoga is a fitness-based approach to Vinyasa-style yoga.

The practice is quite vigorous and includes a series of poses done in sequence. Power yoga became popular in the mid-1990s when two American yoga teachers began to make the style more accessible to western students.

Yoga Mats for Power Yoga

There are different styles of power yoga popularised by different teachers in the field.

Although the styles may vary from teacher to teacher, the process includes more intense flowing poses compared to chanting and meditation.

Power yoga is a fast paced and intense, designed to develop strength through vigorous and athletic classes.

Choose power yoga if you are looking for a serious workout, rather than the gentle stretching and long postures offered by some of the other styles.

Moving with speed and strength through many different positions over the course of the class, the power yoga student needs a mat that is tough enough to go the distance, but also comfortable enough to protect their bodies from multiple impacts.

It is also vital that the mat is non-slip as this style is not without the danger of the odd tumble if your mat is a little slippery.

IUGA Non slip

Size 183 x 61 x 0.6cm | Weight 940g

This is a tough, tear resistant mat made from TPE and available in a six different colours.

It has an innovative ‘bone’ pattern on the underside which stops that mat from sliding – allowing you to hold poses no matter how vigorous the workout gets.

It provides a great level of cushioning and, weighing less than 1kg, it is extremely portable and perfect for a quick trip to the studio.

• Tough and hardwearing
• Lightweight
• Anti-slip

• Thin carry strap



Size 182 x 61 x 0.6cm | Weight 860g

This is a high resilient TPE mat that is both breathable and waterproof.

It is the perfect thickness to protect your joints whilst keeping you grounded in the studio.

It comes with a cleaning towel, a carry strap and – perhaps best of all – online access to professional yoga video courses that customers can access through their digital devices.

You can watch up to eight different courses that are designed to give guidance from beginner to advanced yogi.

• Video course
• Carry strap and cleaning towel included
• Quality TPE finish

• Scuffs easily


Size 183 x 58 x 1cm | Weight 1g

This is a great mat for a Power Yoga workout.

It is non-slip with a robust grip bottom. It is anti-tear, comfortable, durable and easy to clean after an intense session.

At 10mm thick, the mat provides optimal cushioning allowing for maximum comfort during those tough classes.

It also has a reliable-grip surface that means you can train with confidence.

• Tough and durable
• Thick
• Easy to clean

• Retains hand, foot prints in for a few seconds after contact

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