Best Standing Desk Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats for Your Standing Desk

I know. You’re back in the office after an invigorating lunchtime workout and the very idea of spending the afternoon trawling through emails is already making you nod off.

We’ve all been there! What you need is a standing desk mat. These fantastic, anti-fatigue mats will cushion your feet on a supportive, flat surface.

They allow you to stand comfortable and alert at your desk whilst also strengthening your core and supporting your back and spine.

You weren’t designed to sit at a desk all day and now – with the help of your standing mat – you don’t have to. I’ve even bought one for the kitchen so I can relax when I’m cooking!



Size: 81.5 x 51 x 2cm | Weight: 2.09 kg | Material: Cardboard

A competitively priced standing mat that delivers support for feet, knees, hips and back.

This is a nice looking mat that has a non-slip underside to hold it securely in place.

It is made from eco-friendly and non-toxic PU foam materials.

It is fully waterproof and very easy to clean and the smooth beveled edges ensure that the mat remains in place without those annoying curled corners!

• Good price
• Environmentally friendly
• Non-slip

• A bit lightweight



Size: 71 x 60.5 x 6.8cm | Weight: 1.9 kg | Material: Polyurethane

A heavy-duty, ergonomic standing mat that is built to last a lifetime.

This is a feature-rich mat that has a variety of different terrains to support and invigorate your feet throughout the day.

Your feet rest on massage points that have a series of nubs that promote circulation, increasing the venous flow in your legs and ankles.

In the middle of the mat, there is a ball that allows you to relieve the arches of your feet by rolling them over the massage ball. The ball can also be removed and used on other parts of the body.

• Massage points
• Ball roller
• Heavy duty

• Quite high at nearly 7cm


Size: 75 x 34 x 5cm Weight: 4.8 kg | Material: Pinewood and rubber

An innovative combination of a wobble board and standing mat that will keep you comfortable for long periods at a time.

This mat has a surface made from textured non-slip rubber that features raised bumps that massage your feet as you work.

It allows you to wobble slightly from side to side (up to 10 degrees) which gives your body some much-needed movement while you enjoy ergonomic comfort.

• Keeps you moving
• Massage rubber
• Non-slip

• Takes a bit of getting used to!