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Best 6 Thin Travel Yoga Mat Reviews 2021

When considering the best yoga mat for you, thinner mats are good for more active poses that require a greater intensity of focus and balance.
Although thicker mats can give more cushioning, thinner mats are essential when you need extra grip.
Thinner mats are also easier for travelling, as they are more slimline in design and do not take up as much space, ideal for taking abroad or on yoga retreats.

Here is a quick guide to the best 6 thin travel yoga mats for 2021.


Thinness: 6mm | Portability Options: Carrier Strap| Colours: Pink&Navy/Blue Gray/Champagne/Lake Blue/Lilac&Gray/Matcha&Black/Multi
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Non slip
  • Carrying strap
  • Colours differ on arrival

The PIDO thin travel yoga mats are made from eco-friendly rubber that is non-slip, non-toxic and easy to clean.

This mat is fairly thin and lightweight at 6mm and the handy carrying strap makes it easy to take with you on the move.

Despite their wide range of colour selections, some customers report colours look different in person than online.

2. SKL

Thinness: 1.16″ | Portability Options: Carrying Bag | Colours: Blue/Purple/Bohemia Print
  • Beautiful design
  • Foldable carrying bag
  • Suede Fabric
  • Price depends on colour

These travel thin yoga mats from SKL are beautifully designed in a suede fabric that is non-toxic, odourless and easy to keep hygienically clean.

This mat comes complete with a carrying bag, making it easy to pack into a suitcase if required.

The price of these mats depends on what colour design you choose, so keep this in mind when purchasing.

3. Yogamatters

Thinness: 1mm | Portability Options: Rolls Up | Colours: Navy/Orange/Grey/Purple/Blue
  • Ultra thin
  • Sleek roll up design
  • Wide colour selection
  • Expensive

The Yogamatters thin travel yoga mats are some of the thinnest you can buy at just 1mm thick.

Although they do not come with a carrying bag or strap, as they are so lightweight, they are still easy to fold up and pack away. However, these mats are a lot more expensive than their competitors.


Thinness: 1.5mm | Portability Options: Bag | Colours: Multi Print Designs
  • Very thin mat
  • Handy carrier bag
  • Lots of designs to choose from
  • Price depends on mat design

These thin travel yoga mats from GOLDEN are very thin at just 1.5mm, and come with a handy carrier bag for easy transportation.

These mats come in plenty of eye-catching designs, including Nordic and Polka Dot prints, however the price of the mat will be dependent on which design you choose.


5. Manduka

Thinness: 6.35mm | Portability Options: Foldable | Colours: Acai/Charcoal/Midnight/Blue/Black & many more
  • Wide selection of colours
  • Multiple price points
  • Easy to carry on the go
  • Not as thin as some other yoga mats

The Manduka thin yoga travel mats are easy to take on the go thanks to their foldable design.

They are available in a wide range of colours and designs as well as a range of price points, so you are bound to find the perfect yoga mat option for you.

However, at 6.35mm, these mats are not as thin as some other travel varieties currently on the market.

6. FrenzyBird

Thinness: 1mm | Portability Options: Elastic String Strap | Colours: Blue/Grey/Purple
  • Thin dimensions
  • Low competitive price point
  • Microfiber material
  • Poor colour selection

These travel thin yoga mats from FrenzyBird are easy to take on the go courtesy of their elastic string strap, and the microfiber material is anti-slip, non-toxic and easy to keep clean.

At just 1mm, these yoga mats are some of the thinnest available and come at a low competitive price point.
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