Best Mats for Yin Yoga

What Is Yin Yoga?

One of the most notable elements that set Yin Yoga apart from the rest is the longer pose time.

Also, more focus is placed on the “subtle body”, which helps to restore health from the inside.

Yin Yoga is a very spiritual practise and provides the perfect opportunity to target emotional issues and challenges. At the same time, it makes the body stronger and more flexible.

Best Mats for Yin Yoga Ireland

Yin Yoga

This style utilise seated postures which are held for longer periods of time than is common with other yoga disciplines.

The aim of Yin is to increase circulation and improve overall flexibility.

The classes are relaxed and the premise is that gravity does a lot of the work for you.

Because postures can be held for anything up to twenty minutes in some cases, it is a good idea to focus on comfort when it comes to looking for a mat. A thick mat that is soft to the touch is certainly recommended!


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Size 183 x 60 x 5cm | Weight 2kg

This is a high quality tri-folding mat that is made from high density EPE foam and has a non-slip surface. It folds to 1/3 size for transport.

If you are holding postures for a long time and want a little extra support and comfort then this would certainly be a great choice.

A bit heavier and more bulky than many on the market but will certainly keep you comfortable for many classes to come.

• Very thick
• Folds to become portable
• Great support

• Bulky and heavy


UMI by AMAZON Extra thick

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Size 185 x 66 x 1cm | Weight 1.1g

This is a well-padded mat that is particularly gentle on the palms, knees and back.

It is a little larger than a few of its competitors and has a useful alignment line down the centre that helps to keep hands and feet in the correct postures.

It has a lovely finished edge around the outside which prevents tearing. Easy to roll up and fairly light – with this mat you can practice yoga anywhere!

• Large
• Very Portable
• Great support

• A bit sticky when used in a hot studio

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