Yoga Blankets

Blankets for Yoga Class

Adding a yoga blanket to my kit was a great decision. It cushions my knees, hands and elbows and gives me extra protection when I’m reaching for certain poses.

It also acts as a support prop in some of those more advanced positions that I haven’t quite managed to master (yet!).

Best of all, when I’m warming down at the end of a session with a relaxation pose or some meditation I can drape the blanket over me and it keeps me snug and cosy. After a hard workout I think that’s the least I deserve.

Let’s have a look at what should definitely be your next bit of kit…


Size: 140x200cm| Material: Wool | Weight 1kg

A comfy woollen blanket, perfect for meditation and available in a range of colours. This is a warm and cosy blanket that is ideal for protection and extra cushioning during the session.

The edges are finished with a lovely wool whip stitch and there is a beautiful OM embroidered into the corner.

It can be rolled and used as a support when necessary or simply just draped over you during meditation.

It’s even machine washable at 30 degrees.

• Lovely embroidery
• Machine washable
• Available in a range of colours

• Quite bulky when folded

Yogamatters Cotton Blanket

Size: 230x150cm| Material: Cotton | Weight: 1.5kg

A large, comfortable blanket that is great for rolling up into a firm support.

I always use this blanket when I practice savasana yoga. It acts as a great balancing support during the session and is then big enough to cover me completely in the warm down.

It is made from good quality, breathable cotton and keeps me warm without ever getting too hot

• Breathable
• Large
• Firm support

• Heavy


Size: 142x205cm| Material: Organic cotton | Weight 1kg

A handwoven blanket made from the finest quality rich organic cotton.

I really like the luxurious look and feel of this blanket. It is available in 12 lovely colours, each woven in the authentic Indian style.

When folded, it provides a sturdy prop for the studio and when spread out it works very well as a comfortable meditation space.

It can also be washed on a gentle cycle in the washing machine.

• Authentic Indian stitching
• Machine washable
• Available in a range of colours

• A little rough to the touch

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