Yoga Bolsters

Best 5 Yoga Bolsters

Yoga has been practised for over 3000 years in order to improve core stability, muscle flexibility as well as to assist in meditation, relaxation and improved sleep.
A yoga bolster is important as it can help to support muscles during relaxation poses, helping you to sink deeper into the movement.
It is also a great option to help support muscles after injury too, especially if you find pressure on certain areas can be painful.

Here are the best 5 yoga bolsters to improve your yoga practise.

1. Yoga Unlimited

Good Mini Bolster Option

Size Dimensions: 39cm long x 15cm | Colour: Multi | Material: Cotton, Rayon Fibre Filling | Washable Cover: Yes

  • Mini size for greater comfort
  • Fairtrade design
  • 100% cotton cover

This bolster is smaller than some others currently on the market, making it comfortable and convenient to use for a number of different poses.

The Fairtrade design helps to support those who make the bolsters, which are authentically made in India.

The cover is 100% cotton material too, which makes it easily removable and convenient to wash.

2. Lotuscrafts

Sleek and Simple Design

Size Dimensions: 64 cm x 24 cm | Colour: Neutrals | Material: Cotton, Spelt Filling | Washable Cover: Yes

  • Great for yoga or Pilates
  • Eco-certified materials
  • Sleek and simple design

This sleek and simple yoga bolster comes in an attractive array of neutral colours and includes a lotus follower logo. This bolster can be used for both yoga and for Pilates.

The material is 100% cotton with a spelt filling, and the material has been certified to be only organic cotton, along with adhering to Fairtrade principles when it comes to factory working conditions where these bolsters are made.

3. Blue Dove

Ideal Basic Option for Beginners

Size Dimensions: 22cm x 63cm | Colour: Black, Prints | Material: Cotton | Washable Cover: Yes

  • Basic bolster design
  • Removable cover
  • Soft and supportive

This basic yoga bolster comes in a range of simple design options, including just plain black as well as prints, and has a removable machine washable cover and inner cushion to help to keep it hygienically clean.

This bolster is perfect for beginners and offers a soft and supportive cushion for a range of poses.

4. Yoga Studio

Bright and Authentic Bolster Choice

Size Dimensions: 23x66cm | Colour: Bright Block Colours, Prints | Material: Cotton , Buckwheat Filling| Washable Cover: Yes

  • Handmade in India
  • Maximum support
  • Bright, vibrant design

This yoga bolster is available in a variety of brightly coloured and vibrant designs, making it the perfect choice to look great as well as to be functional during your yoga practise.

These authentic bolsters are all handcrafted in India and use a buckwheat filling, which helps to provide the maximum level of support possible.

5. Basaho

Perfect Bolster to Carry With You

Size Dimensions: 68 x 20 x 20 cm | Colour: Multi | Material: Cotton, Buckwheat Filling | Washable Cover: Yes

  • Handy carrying handle
  • Sustainable buckwheat filling
  • Easy to wash

This portable bolster is ideal to take with you to class thanks to its carrying handle at the top of the bolster.

Made with a sustainable buckwheat filling, this bolster will not compress over time, giving the perfect level of support you need whenever you use it.

The cotton cover can also be easily unzipped and removed for washing as and when required.