Yoga Cushions

Yoga Cushions for Meditation

It can be quite a challenge at the end of tough session to slip into the final mediation. If you have pushed yourself in the way that I try to do – no pain, no gain! – then sore arms, aching legs and the odd bruise can be quite the distraction when it comes to centring the mind.

This is where my yoga cushion comes in. This fantastic little aid goes with me everywhere. Not only is it a useful prop during the class, helping with balance and posture, it also really helps with my meditation at the end.

It literally ‘cushions’ my aching body leaving me able to focus my mind. A must have if you’re as easily distracted as me!



Size: 70 x 20 x 20cm | Weight: 3.76kg

A great little bolster that really adds an extra element to your practice.

This cushion has a 100% natural cotton cover that is soft to the touch and fully machine washable.

It is filled with buckwheat husk – a filling that is a little firmer than feathers or synthetic fillers.

The husk will adjust to the contours of your body (although you might need to empty a little out, depending on your personal preference).

It is very easy to transport with its own carry handle and provides great support during the class.

• Machine washable cover
• Carry handle
• Soft cotton material

• Heavy




Size: 36 x 36 x 15cm | Weight: 2kg

A cute little rounded cushion that’s so portable it can go anywhere with you.

This style of cushion is known as the ‘zafu’. That means it is designed in the classic traditional Eastern style; a rounded shape alongside layered, overlapping cloth edges.

It is made from 100% organic cotton which makes for happy, comfortable yoga students and very happy cotton farmers!

It has a machine washable cover and is filled with the buckwheat that we associate with the classic yoga cushion.

• Machine washable cover
• 100% organic cotton
• Traditional shape

• Quite small




Size: 63 x 30 x 15cm | Weight: 2.3kg

A rectangular version of the traditional rounded cushion.

This cushion has greater width and a flatter surface than most other bolsters. This enables you to support the whole back.

This cushion has a 100% machine washable cotton cover and is filled with an innovative ‘recron fibrefill’. This is a specially engineered hollow polyester fibre designed to provide maximum support and comfort.

It comes in a great range of colours and features a sturdy carry handle and robust zip.

• Innovative filling
• Unique rectangular design
• Range of colours

• Bulky