Top 10 Yoga Mats for Beginners 2021

Best Yoga Mats for Beginners Review

I have been doing yoga for the best part of twenty years. When I first started, the only mats on the market were overly sticky and made from rather cheap looking PVC.

If you were very lucky, you might find somewhere that stocked a blue one but, nine times out of ten, the choice was either black or black!

Nowadays however, the yoga mat market has oscillated to the other extreme. Mats are available in different thicknesses, styles, colours, materials and multiple gradations of stickiness.

From having no choice to being baffled by too much – be careful what you wish for!

To that end, let’s roll out a few and put them through their paces:

TOPLUS Classic Pro Fitness

This lightweight mat is made from TPE – an eco-friendly recyclable rubber that contains no latex, PVC or any other toxic or harmful chemicals.

Its available in seven striking colours and rolls down to a compact portable size after use.

It is 6mm thick and both sweat and tear resistant and is non-slip on wooden, tiled and cement floors.

Best of all, if for some reason it’s not the mat for you, it comes with a full 12 month warranty. Click here to view the TOPLUS Classic Pro Fitness Mat.

• Made from TPU

• Lightweight and potable

• 12 month guarantee


Busy design might not suit everyone

PIDO Lightweight Fitness Mat

This stylish looking mat comes in a range of appealing colours – Champagne & Grape and Matcha & black, among others.

Made from TPE and both sweat proof and waterproof, this is a very comfortable mat that gives excellent support for yoga enthusiasts of all levels.

It even comes with a free carry bag and strap making your trip back from the studio that bit easier!

• Made from TPE
• Comes with bag and strap
• Lovely selection of colours

• Texture can be a little slippy for certain poses

PIDO Lightweight Fitness Mat on Amazon


Again made from TPE, this large, professional looking mat is available in a range of dark greens, blues and blacks.

It features a grippy, non-slip finish on both sides and is very easy to clean needing only to be wiped down with a wet towel and then air-dried.

The thing I liked most about this mat was the alignment lines. They were perfect to stretch and then return to a centre point without losing my bearings.

Check out the TIMKER Yoga Mat.

• Extra large
• Helpful alignment line system
• Easy to clean

• A bit heavier, due to the size

GRUPER Thick Yoga Mat

View the GRUPER Thick Yoga Mat HERE.

This navy blue mat is made from NBR – a synthetic rubber often found on thicker yoga mats.

These thicker mats are particularly suitable for people with sensitive or injured joints.

This mat comes in a choice of either 10mm or 18mm.

It is non-slip is also tear and moisture resistant.

It is recommended that you unroll and air out the mat for a few days before use.

• Comfortable thick NBR
• Good for people with joint pain
• Non-slip

• Extra cushioning can result in less balance

ARTEESOL Fitness mat

This traditional TPE yoga mat will certainly stand out in the studio coming in a range of colours such a bright orange, lime green and striking violet.

It features a robust, tear resistant mesh between the top and bottom layers making it extra durable.

The intricate wave pattern on the base provides a strong grip on any type of floor surface, see ARTEESOL Fitness Mat.

• Extra durable
• Great range of colours
• Effective non-slip wave patterned base

• Can curl up at the edges
• Quite soft

BIONIX Printed Yoga Mat

This NBR mat looks great in the studio. It is a designed in a royal blue with a striking red chakra motif.

It is 10mm thick but rolls down easily after use and is surprisingly lightweight and portable for a thicker mat.

It is a very stable mat featuring both a ribbed non-slip surface as well as gripping the floor effectively.

Click here for BIONIX Printed Yoga Mat

• Thick and comfortable
• Very stable
• Lightweight

• The NPR sacrifices a little balance in exchange for comfort
• A bit bulky

MENKAI Cork Yoga Mat

This mat has an innovative cork surface which sits on a non-slip TPE base.

Not only is cork pollution free and completely environmentally friendly, it is also very effective at absorbing sweat.

It is very easy to carry at just over 1kg and is perfect for exercising at home or in the studio.

In addition, cork is naturally anti-microbial which means the mat will stay fresh and repel harmful bacteria.

MENKAI Cork Yoga Mat at Amazon

• Environmentally friendly
• Anti-microbial
• Lightweight


• A distinctive cork smell

TOMSHOO Printed Yoga Mat

This delightfully patterned TPE mat is available in 9 different colours.

The patterns on the front are based around a variety of different yoga poses and will help guide you towards the correct positions.

It has a 360-degree wave pattern on the base will allows it to grip and hold the floor and the closed-cell surface makes this a very easy mat to wipe clean.

Check out the TOMSHOO Printed Yoga Mat.

• Patterned to help guide poses
• Good solid grip
• Comes in a variety of colours

• Feels quite thin

NAVARIS Foldable Travel mat

This berry coloured mat is the first one that does not have to be rolled as a traditional mat.

It is incredibly lightweight and only 4mm thick, making it a great mat to take to the park or the beach.

It folds up to a very portable 31cm x 26cm – which is a lot easier than carrying a rolled mat with you all day!

Despite this, it is still non-stick and provides a great deal of comfort during your exercises. See more here.

• Very portable
• Non-stick
• Great for travelling

• Retains the fold lines when opened


This mat comes in either sky blue in Sunset red and is suitable for everyone from beginner to experienced yoga enthusiast.

It is machine washable – which is a great and helpful feature – and rolls down into a compact and manageable size.

It can be a little slippery when it first arrives; I would recommend washing it before use which seems to give it a bit more grip. View the Warrior Plus Yoga Mat.

• Striking colours
• Machine washable
• Comfortable

• A bit slippy initially
• Quite heavy when rolled up

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