Yoga Pants for Men

Best Yoga Pants for Men

If you thought that yoga pants were only for women then think again! More and more men are experiencing the comfort and support that a well-fitted pair of yoga pants can provide.

Let’s face it, the last thing you want when perfecting those perfect poses is the challenge of your gym wear constricting your movements.

They also provide fantastic grip – perfect for anyone that has ever taken a tumble after their knees have slipped on the mat. And, between us, if you’re taking a day off from the studio they are super-comfortable loungewear! Convinced? Let’s find you a pair:

AMZSPORT Compression Tights

Fabric: Polyester and spandex

A great-looking addition to your sport wardrobe. Sleek, stretchy and durable.

These are a great product for the yoga studio. They are fantastically breathable as well as being incredibly quick drying. The advanced moisture-wicking fabric absorbs sweat away from the skin in seconds.

They are designed with flatlock stitching which prevents irritation and provides chafe-free comfort.

They are designed to move with you like a muscle and their streamlined fit improves blood circulation and minimizes soft-tissue damage.

• Breathable
• Absorbent
• Chafe-free

• They can feel a bit constrictive

MEETYOU Leggings

Fabric: Polyester and spandex

A comfortable and elastic product that provides maximum balance between freedom of movement and muscle support.

These pants will keep you dry, cool and cosy even during the toughest of workouts.

They are designed with a 2-way air circulation function that is both breathable and also provides instant absorption of sweat.

The sophisticated stitching is modelled to prevent friction between the garment and the skin. Super – comfortable and great for the studio.

• 2-way air circulation
• Comfortable and elastic
• Absorbent

• Not very supportive


Fabric: Cotton and elastane

Supremely comfortable, stylish looking yoga short pants available in a variety of colours.

These short pants are made from quality cotton fabric that is durable and a little less revealing than some of the other tighter options.

They have a stretchable side panel that allows for optimum movement without restricting any poses.

They feature a functional drawstring so can be adjusted to the preference of the wearer and even have two outside pockets.

• Very comfortable
• Drawstring and pockets
• Variety of colours

• Rather loose fitting

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