Yoga Straps

Best 5 Yoga Straps Reviews 2021

Using a series of targeted stretches, motions, and breathing exercises, yoga can improve flexibility, relieve pain, and provide a great form of stress release too.
Yoga straps are important during poses as they help to achieve a greater range of motion, improve the lengthening of muscles during stretches, and provide added support when holding poses too.

Here are the best 5 yoga straps for 2021.


Thickness: 38mm | Colour : Purple/Blue/Blue Mandala/Pink Mandala | Storage Option: Elasticated Loop | Dimensions: 244×3.8×0.2cm

  • Thicker strap
  • Handy storage loop
  • Plenty of colours
  • Ridged material

The UMI yoga strap is made from a thick, eco-friendly material that is designed to be supportive and hardwearing when doing a wide variety of yoga poses.

UMI yoga straps are available in a good selection of colours, including mandala designs too.

2. Voidbiov

Thickness: 4cm | Colour : Black/Purple/Green/Rose/Blue/Grey/Multi | Storage Option: No | Dimensions: 1.85M or 2.5M
  • Anti-slip fabric
  • Soft material
  • Low competitive price
  • Variety of lengths

These yoga straps from voidbiov are one of the lowest priced on the market and are available in a soft 98% cotton material that comes in a wide variety of colours to choose from.

Their safe fabric is made to be anti-slip, however as they come in a variety of lengths, it may be trial and error for beginners to find their perfect length.



Thickness: N/A | Colour : Blue/Dark Blue/Black | Storage Option: No | Dimensions: 12.2×4.6×3.2cm
  • Durable material
  • Recommended by professionals
  • Adjustable D ring
  • More expensive

The REEHUT yoga straps are designed to last the test of time, and come complete with a metal D ring in order to provide greater adjustability as well as improved stability during poses too.

These straps do come in a variety of sizes but their online guide helps customers to find their perfect fit and these straps are approved by professionals.

4. H&S

Thickness: 3.8cm | Colour : Orange/Blue | Storage Option: No | Dimensions: 14.8×8.6×4.4cm
  • Metal D ring for adjustability
  • Made from soft cotton
  • Affordable choice
  • Poor colour selection

The H&S yoga straps are easy to adjust thanks to their metal D ring and are made from a soft cotton material that is comfortable to use as well as durable too.

These yoga straps are a more affordable choice than some others currently available, however they only offer two colours, orange and blue..


5. Prsllaeg

Thickness: 1.5″ | Colour : Blue/Brown/Green/Pink/Purple | Storage Option: No | Dimensions: 250x380x400cm
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Metal D ring
  • Long or extra long size only

The Prsllaeg yoga straps are made from 100% cotton and are designed to be hardwearing yet still soft and flexible to use.

Their metal D ring also makes them easy to adjust for yoga beginners to experts, and Prsllaeg are so confident you with love your yoga strap that they offer a customer satisfaction 30-day money-back guarantee.
These straps only come as long or extra long.