Yoga Swings

Stretching with Yoga Swings

If someone had told me when I first walked into a yoga studio that, before too long, I would be suspended in mid-air from my very own yoga swing – I think I would have burst out laughing!

Now, it’s one of my favourite session props. These fantastic tools allow you to stretch out elegantly and build core muscle strength whilst supporting your weight and aiding with your balance.

They are great for everyone from beginners learning their first poses all the way through to seasoned yogis looking for a challenging, high-intensity aerial yoga session.

Check these out and I suspect you too will be swinging before long!

YOGABODY Trapeze Pro

Material: Nylon | Weight: 1.78kg

A light, strong and durable swing that is ideal for beginners.

This is a great swing that is just as at home hung on a solid tree branch as it is in the studio.

It comes with a fabulous video tutorial that takes you through everything from setup and safety to practice and training.

It is assembled in minutes and comes with supportive rubber handles, adjustable straps and a stylish carry bag.

• Great tutorial video
• Carry bag
• Quick set up

• Sharp metal rings on the straps


Material: Parachute silk nylon | Weight: 2.19kg

A heavy-duty swing that comes with everything you will need for a complete studio set up.

This swing comes with a ceiling mount, stainless steel bolts, steel carabiners and more.

It also comes with a handy step-by-step assembly guide. Once this is fixed in place you’ll certainly be able to swing with confidence!

It can hold up to 200kg and is great for yoga enthusiasts of all abilities.

It is made from high-quality parachute silk fabric and is soft and comfortable against the skin.

• Can hold large weights
• Comfortable fabric
• Comes with everything you need to set up securely

• Best for use indoors


Material: Tricot silk | Weight: 1.68kg

A comfortable hammock that is perfect for antigravity yoga and aerial Pilates.

This yoga hammock acts like a soft swing or trapeze. It supports the hips and spine during those tricky forward and backbends.

It suspends from two points and creates a ‘U’ shaped curve that allows your body to lean, rest and fly into a variety of hard to reach postures

Whilst it doesn’t come pre-knotted, it does come with a useful knot tying guide!

• Comfortable and easy to use
• Great support for back and spine
• Doubles up as a comfy hammock

• You will need to knot it yourself!