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I’ve been asked a few times recently ‘do I really need a yoga towel – can’t I just bring a regular towel from the linen press?’

The answer to this is a resounding ‘NO!’ Yoga towels are designed to be extra absorbent which comes in very handy during those hot yoga sessions.

They are built to actually get more grippy the wetter they become. Not to mention that if you are using a studio mat it might be an idea to have a towel handy to lay over the top – you never know who has been working out before you!

So, leave your bathroom towel where it belongs and invest in one of these instead:

IUGA Towel

Material: Microfiber | Size: 183x65cm| Weight: 500g

A great looking 100% premium microfiber towel that is much thicker than average.

This towel just looks and feels quality. It is non-slip and incredibly absorbent which allows you to focus on the yoga rather than worrying about slipping.

It is 30% thicker than most other yoga towels and its textured weave provides the perfect balance between grip and softness.

Easy to clean – just throw it in with your other laundry – and even comes with a hand towel!

• Freehand towel
• Thick and soft
• Very absorbent and grippy

• Take up quite a bit of room in your bag


Material: Microfiber | Size: 185x62cm| Weight: 520g

A nice-looking, functional towel – well priced and available in a range of colours.

The first thing I noticed about this towel was the PVC dotted design on the back.

This feature really locks the towel in place and provides a secure and comfortable anti-slip surface.

It is super-absorbent and dries very quickly after the session.

It is machine washable at 40 degrees and also comes with a handy carry bag!

• PVC gripping ‘nubs’ on the base
• Dries quickly
• Free carry bag

• Quite thin


Material: Microfiber | Size: 183x66cm| Weight: 589g

A premium towel with a helpful two-grip feature and corner pockets to lock onto your mat.

This towel has microfiber on one side and a silicone coating on the other which provides great stability and comfort.

The high-quality fibre can absorb five times its own weight in water without getting slippery and, even better, it dries very quickly after the class!

It comes in a range of great colours, each with its own matching carry bag.

• Super absorbent
• Pockets that lock onto the mat
• Carry bag

• Quite thin

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