Yoga Wheels

Best Yoga Wheels for Support

Want to improve flexibly? Ease into those difficult poses safely? Relive aching and sore muscles?

And, do all of this whilst using a prop that is designed to help prevent injury? Then you – young yogi – are in need of a yoga wheel.

I first heard these fantastic wheels described as ‘scaffolding for the body’ and I have yet to find a better way to put it. They are great for backbends, can help you turn a press up into a full handstand and are brilliant for perfecting forearm stands.

A wheel is a great addition to a session, regardless of your level of experience. Let’s roll out a couple:



Diameter: 33cm | Width: 12.7cm | Weight: 1.5kg

A lovely looking yoga wheel with an outer layer of natural cork.

This wheel lets you fully stretch out your body with the confidence that the anti-sweat, anti-skid cork will have you covered.

It is made from high-quality materials and can withstand weights of over 225kg!

It comes with a handy storage bag with an adjustable strap which means you can easily carry this along with the rest of your kit.

• Great looking cork design
• Robust
• Anti-skid

• Difficult to clean



Diameter: 33cm | Width: 13cm | Weight: 1.58kg

A space-age design that will stand out in the studio.

This is a wheel that is ideal for beginners that feel they need a little more support in the studio.

It comes in three funky designs – cosmic cork and palm (choose the cosmic if you want something a little different!)

It is coated in a grippy, non-slip foam and provides solid but comfortable support.

It is great for opening up your back, chest and shoulders and feels soft between your shoulder blades.

• Great choice of designs
• Non-slip
• Soft comfortable foam

• Quite bulky



Diameter: 33.5cm | Width: 13.5cm | Weight: 998g

A premium wheel that will take your practice and poses to the next level.

This wheel comes with a handy posture guide – which is very helpful for first-time wheelers!

It is coated in sleek looking, luxurious natural cork which is padded, patterned and stained a luxurious black mandala.

It is sweat-resistant and has a great grip and does not have that toxic small you sometimes get with cheaper wheels.

• Luxurious black cork
• Very good quality
• User guide supplied

• Quite expensive

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