Yogi Bare Paws Yoga Exercise Mats

Yogi Bare Paws Yoga Exercise Mats

The Yogi Bare brand sources all its rubber from sustainable forests and conducts no animal testing. It uses recyclable packaging and transports all its products by sea to reduce its carbon footprint.

Yogi Bare Paws Extreme Grip mat

The Paws mat has been likened to a magic carpet thanks to its impressive features.

The core Paws product is a slim 66 cm, but its lack of width might help you to improve your alignment.

At 4 mm, it isn’t the most cushioned mat on the shelves, but it’s more than adequate. The balanced thickness finds a middle ground between cushioning and support.

If you add foam blocks to your practice, you can achieve the perfect softness for your requirements. The Paws’ materials might be eco-friendly, but they do exude a chemical scent for a week or two.

That liability is well worthwhile once you get to know how slip-resistant the mat is. The rubber surface has an attractive decorative border in subtle gray and black.


  • This product is layered from natural rubber and polyurethane, so it maintains grip in hot and sweaty sessions.
  • One of the grippiest products on the market thanks to its unique non-slip technology. If you enjoy hot yoga or are prone to perspiration, you’ll struggle to find a more slip-resistant option.
  • An excellent beginner’s product with intuitive markings on its X and Y access. They offer several progressions to guide just about any pose.


  • At 2.5 kgs, this isn’t the kind of product you’re going to enjoy carrying.

Yogi Bare – Teddy Mat

The Teddy is Yogi Bare’s portable, lightweight travel mat for busy days. It’s made from natural rubber and microfibre.

The famous Yogi Bare surface offers excellent grip in a foldable product, but all that rubber means that this is one of the heaviest travel mats in the industry at 1.5 kgs.

Still, that design means you can pop it into your washing machine and suitcase without adding much bulk. The velvety microfibre layer is an unusual but useful addition.


  • The Teddy is offered in a range of delightful patterns, using water-based dyes to eliminate toxic fumes.
  • When you need more slip-resistance, you can just spray a mist of water over it.
  • Offers superlative grip while wicking moisture away from the surface.


  • This is one of the heaviest travel mats on the market.

Paws X mat

The Paws X has Yogi Bare’s famous Extreme Grip surface.

It also has extra length and width for tall yogis at 680 x 2130 cm. This is a heavy product, weighing in at 3.4 kgs, but it has a portable strap, so consider its weight extra exercise.

All that strength training is sure to benefit your yoga practice.


  • Has a supportive thickness of 4 mm to improve your balance.
  • The elegant black-on-black surface is beautiful to look at.
  • Perforated surface achieves a powerful grip.


  • Weighs a heavy 3.4 kgs.

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