How to Buy  A Good Yoga Mat Online In Ireland

If you are looking into purchasing a yoga mat, whether it is your first time or not, you must be conversant with all the relevant information concerning them. Although these mats may look very simple, a wrong selection will, in the end, give you a rough time while practicing. With a wide range of brands and designs, the selection process can be quite tedious. However, below are some factors you should look out for before purchasing to ensure you get something that will serve its purpose.


The texture of a yoga mat is the primary determinant of how much traction you will get. An incorrect feel can easily lead to slipping and sliding, which can cause severe accidents. A good texture will act as a barrier to such incidents. Also, the surface will determine the level of comfort you have while exercising. Yoga mats come in different textures; they can either be bumpy or a simple dictation of the type of material you decide on buying. The compositions range from smooth to very rough, depending on your specific needs.


The material you will have on the specific yoga mat you choose will have a significant impact on the general workout. Important aspects like texture and thickness depend on the type of material as well. The production material can be rubber or PVC, among others. Outline all your needs and the type of yoga that you do to ensure you get the right mat. Also, in case of any allergies, explain them to your seller for better guidance since you will always have body contact with the yoga mat.


Just like texture, the thickness of a yoga mat determines how much comfort you get while exercising. If the yoga mat is too thin, you can quickly bang your knee and get an injury. However, if it is too thick, you won’t get the right feel to the ground. Therefore, you must choose the right thickness. The standard yoga mat is usually an eighth inch thick. Check on the place you want to position your yoga mat as it will guide you to selecting the best one. Also, thickness affects the weight, so if you want something you will want to carry around, the width should be a significant consideration.


While doing your yoga, the last thing you will want is to slide and even hurt yourself or hold poses for more extended periods. Therefore, a good mat should offer the right amount of stickiness for you to have a quiet time.PVC mats are so far the best recommendation as the stickiness level has a proper balance. However, it is good to know that the stickiness can only come about if you keep your mat clean.

Environment Friendly.

If you practice yoga and follow all the rules, then this will mean you are a peaceful person who will most definitely be willing to protect the environment. Although there are various types of yoga mats, it is good to settle for one that is eco friendly. Such designs come about by recycling materials, specifically rubber, and cotton. Also, the eco-friendly design can quickly come as custom made to suit your level of thickness and texture.

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With all the qualities of a good yoga mat, as mentioned above, .there are other factors like color and price range that you should put into consideration. The mats vary in prices depending on the quality, size, and style. Also, you have the option of settling for color and pattern of your choice. The trends come in all types, styles, and designs. However, in case of any uncertainties, consult experts if it is the first time to avoid getting the wrong mat.