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If you are looking into buying a new a yoga-mat, whether it is your first time or not, a little research in advance will normally pay dividends. Even though yoga mats look quite simple you want to get one that best suits your practise.We have included some tips below to help you decide.

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The texture of a yoga mat is the primary determinant of how much traction you will get.

You want to feel secure on your mat during poses so that you don’t slip or slide.

The surface texture and quality will also provide comfort and support during kneeling or sitting poses.

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Thickness. Just like texture, the thickness of the yoga mat will determine how much comfort you get while exercising. If the yoga mat is too thin, you can bang a knee and get an injury. However, if it is too thick, you may not have the right connection to the ground.

Standard yoga mats are usually an eighth inch thick.

Stickiness. PVC mats provide the highest level of stickiness, and it is important to realise that your PVC mat will only remain sticky if you keep it clean.
Environment Friendly. Eco-friendly yoga mats, are excellent for the environment, and are produced recycling materials, specifically rubber, and cotton.

We wish you lots of happy and rejuvenating yoga practice with your new mat. Thank you for reading our tips above.

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