Collection: Anne Sexton Pilates - Teacher Training Wicklow


It is essential that Teachers understand the philosophy of Pilates and the overall vision of health and well-being that was so very important to Joseph Pilates and essential for us as teachers to grasp so that we can understand and past on his exercises with the depth and context that he intended and that forms the very essence of “Contrology”. It is paramount that we understand and adhere to the 3 guiding principles and the Philosophy of Pilates set out by Joseph Pilates in his 1945 book Return to Life Through Contrology: Whole Body Health, Whole Body Movement and Breath. We must understand the Pilates Movement Principles and they should be present in every Pilates movement that we perform.

Teacher Name- Anne 

Style of Yoga- Joseph Pilates-Pregnancy Pilates-Reformer Pilates-Pilates flow-Pilates Mat flow

Address- Anne Sexton Pilates Studio, Unit E10, Network Enterprise Park, Kilcoole, County Wicklow 

Phone Number- 087 269 8375



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