Collection: How to Make Your Yoga Mat More Sticky/ Less Slippery?

While most yoga mats are designed to provide extra grip when you practice, there may be times when your mat slides or slips mid-pose. If this happens, there are a few easy steps you can take to make sure your mat stays sticky and secure.


It's important to note that yoga mats are supposed to feel tacky, or slightly sticking. Mats are made that way intentionally to help you hold more difficult yoga poses.

Tips to Make Your Mat More Sticky

1. Clean it

First, clean your mat regularly with a gentle soap and warm water solution.

Natural oils from our skin can build up on the surface of the mat over time, making it less effective at gripping against the floor. You can also use a damp cloth or paper towel occasionally if needed.

2. Spray Your Mat Before Practise

Second, spray your yoga mat with an even mist of water before each class. This helps create friction between the surface of your yoga mat and the floor that will help prevent slipping or sliding.

3. Use A Mat Towel

Finally, use a mat towel or spray to add extra grip and traction.

This can be especially helpful if you’re practicing in hot yoga classes or are particularly sweaty during your practice. A mat towel will help keep sweat from pooling on the surface of your yoga mat and making it slippery.

If you don’t have a mat towel handy, try spraying a light layer of diluted rubbing alcohol (1:1) onto your mat—this will help add an extra layer of stickiness.

What is the Problem with a Slippery Yoga Mat?

Using a slippery yoga mat can cause several issues during your practice, such as  -

1. difficulty balancing in poses,

2. slipping out of poses unexpectedly, or

3. losing control when transitioning between poses. This can lead to injury, as well as frustration and lack of motivation to keep practicing.

Once you’ve made sure your yoga mat is clean and evenly moist, enjoy feeling secure and stable in each pose without worrying about slipping away! Happy Practicing! :)