Collection: Main Yoga Associations in Ireland

Although, yoga is quite a universal physical and spiritual practise there are still a number of organisations and assocaitions in Ireland that help to guide and shape how yoga is taught and instilled, as we explain below.

Yoga Associations & Organisations in Ireland

In Ireland, there are many organisations dedicated to the practice of yoga. Some of the main organizations include Yoga Alliance Professionals Ireland (YAPI), The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and the Irish Forum for Integrative Health & Well-Being (IFIHW).

1. The Irish Yoga Association



The Irish Yoga Association (IYA) is a non-profit organisation that serves as a resource for yoga students and teachers throughout the country. Founded in 1997, it is the leading body of its kind in Ireland and works to promote the highest standards of yoga instruction and practice.

The IYA provides certification and qualifications for teachers, offers advice on health matters related to yoga and organises conferences, seminars and workshops to share knowledge about topics such as meditation, breathing techniques, anatomy and more.

It also keeps an up-to-date list of fully qualified teachers all over Ireland so that anyone who wishes to learn or practice yoga can find an instructor near them. In addition, the association lobbies government departments to ensure that appropriate legislation is in place to protect the rights of both students and teachers.

By joining the IYA, you can gain access to a range of benefits that help to support your yoga practice. These include newsletters, discounts on books and courses, access to online resources and more. With its commitment to education and advocacy for professional standards in yoga instruction, the Irish Yoga Association is at the forefront of promoting the health benefits of yoga throughout Ireland.

2. Yoga Alliance Professionals Ireland (YAPI)

YAPI is an independent organization that sets standards for professional yoga teachers in Ireland, allowing them to be recognised as qualified professionals. YAPI also provides training courses and supports its members through networking events, seminars and conferences.


3. The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) 

The IAYT is a global organisation providing certification for health professionals who specialize in yoga therapy. It is committed to setting professional standards and promoting research into therapeutic applications of yoga.

4. Irish Forum for Integrative Health & Well-Being (IFIHW)

The IFIHW is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting yoga as an integral part of healthcare in Ireland. It offers professional training and supports its members through workshops, conferences and meetings.

5. Yoga Fellowship NI

The Yoga Fellowship NI is a global community of yoga practitioners committed to learning more about the practice, connecting with like-minded people and deepening their own yogic journey.

This fellowship offers an opportunity for practitioners to come together in a supportive environment to share ideas, knowledge and experiences related to yoga. Through thought-provoking conversations, workshops, lectures and immersions we seek to foster meaningful connections while creating a space of exploration and growth.


These organisations all offer support for people practicing or teaching yoga in Ireland and provide invaluable resources for furthering their knowledge of the practice. With their help, yogis can feel confident that they are practicing according to the best standards possible. Whether you’re a student or teacher, these organisations can provide support and guidance on your yogic journey.