Collection: Harrigan Physiotherapy Pilates Athy


At Harrigan Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic we pride ourselves on our professionalism and clinical excellence. We treat patients that present to our clinic with injuries that are relatively new (acute) or perhaps something that has persisted for a longer period of time (chronic). These issues vary greatly as the human body, in particular the musculoskeletal system, is a complex and intricate series of joints, muscles, nerves and connective tissue.

Teacher's Names- Mr. Francis Harrigan, Aisling Lacey, Aaron Fattore

Style of Yoga- Mat Pilates-Physiotherapy 

Opening hour- Thursdays at 6pm

Address-  Unit 1 Block C, Athy Business Campus, Athy, Co. Kildare, R14 CY60

Phone Number- 087-1098036 & 059-8638328



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