Collection: Womens Fitness Pilates Cork


Pilates classes at Women’s Fitness Cork can be a huge help when it comes to Increasing your flexibility as it can elongate your muscles and improve mobility in your joints*. Another benefit of Pilates classes is the increase in your stability which can be achieved through developing your core strength by attending Pilates classes regularly*, that same core strength will also help tighten up your abdominal muscles and flatten out your stomach*.

Teachers Names- SonyaN, Siobhan, Jenny, Jane, Alana, Cormac, Edel, Jerry, Sinead, Renata, Riia, Sinead Murnane, Danny, Saber, Lorraine

Style of Yoga-  Pilates & Yoga-Easy Spin-Spinning-Fat Blast-Weights workout-Beginners Yoga-Spin & Booty Blast-Slow Flow Yoga 

Address- South Ring Business Park, Kinsale Rd, Ballyphehane, Cork, Ireland

Phone Number- +353 21 496 6904



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