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Best Mats for Hot Yoga

Are Traditional Yoga Mats Suitable for Hot Yoga Practice?

Anyone who practices yoga will appreciate the importance of a good yoga mat, one which will offer you protection from the floor while remaining non-slip.

However, if you are considering hot yoga you will need a mat which can cope with the extra humidity and sweaty conditions involved.

What Is Hot Yoga?

The name aptly describes the difference to traditional yoga.

You will still be developing your strength and flexibility levels, but in studio temperatures of up to 40 degrees centigrade.

This extra heat and humidity offers a more intense session which some people thrive upon. Different yoga studios will operate at slightly different temperatures and may use different styles of hot yoga such as Bikram yoga.

However, a common thread for any participant will be finding the right mat to deal with the increased heat and sweat.

Finding the Right Hot Yoga Mat

A non-slip mat is an important criteria for getting the best out of traditional yoga.

This becomes essential when participating in hot yoga where the additional studio temperatures will mean lots more sweat hitting the floor. You will want to ensure you have a mat with an exceptional grip, one made from non-slip rubber or microfiber.

You will also need to find a mat with a thickness which strikes the right balance between allowing you to perform the required yoga poses and one which has the stability to support your joints so they are ably protected.

Everyone is different, so take a little time to consider which mat will be best suited to you and which will provide the additional insurance against slipping when practising hot yoga.

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