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A creative flowing Yoga practice weaving together Yogic and mindfulness philosophy, Yoga mudras, Yoga asana sequences, postures, breathing techniques and relaxation. Although Yoga is a staggeringly vast ancient practice and science, it can also be a very practical tool box to draw from in your everyday life.

This course will suit the student who is keen to develop a Yoga practice and wishes to learn more about this never-ending fascinating practice. In every session I introduce a new theme and content to inspire you to learn more about this Yogic tradition

Each session begins with either a short mediation or breathing practice around a specific theme, asana practice evolving around all 4 movements and directions of the spine, bandha work, cooling asana practice and relaxation.

You will only need to bring your own Yoga mat and a small blanket to the class. All other props are provided.

Teachers' Names- Philip Davis, Susan Flanagan, Bridie Crowley, Tracy Hickson, Dervilla O'Brien, Liam Egan, 

Style of Yoga- Vinyasa Yoga-Pilates

Address- Glasnevin Educate Together national school, Griffith Ave, Glasnevin, Dublin, D11 A2YT, Ireland

Phone Number- +353872990742



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