Collection: Yoga Boann - Hatha Yoga Meath


Yoga Boann is a custom built studio located in the heart of the Boyne Valley. Situated outside Drogheda bordering Co.Louth and Co. Meath. Designed and built to the highest eco standards it's clean lines and fluid design provide a calm, relaxing space. The teaching ethos of Boann Yoga is one of support and warmth enabling your Yoga practice to develop at a natural pace.

Teacher Name- David Curtis & Anthony Kearney

Style of Yoga- Hatha Yoga-Ashtanga Yoga-Hot Yoga-Vinyasa Flow 

Opening hour

  • Monday-7 pm
  • Tuesday-11.00 am  - 6.45 pm
  •  - 6.45 pm  
  • Thursday-7 pm - 10 am 
  • Friday-10.00 am  
  • Saturday-10.00 am

Address- Gafney, Mt Hanover, Duleek, Co Meath, Ireland 

Phone Number- 087 284 2363



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